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Saturday, August 13, 2005

well a lot has happened since the last time i wrote.

Old Homes Days
i went to brookline old homes day on the 29th.(forgot to write about it last time. oops!) it was fun. i hung out with lauren, emily, laura, kris, and andrew. i got an airbrushed tattoo of a rose with vines coming out from it. it was wicked pretty! then when lauren, emily, and laura had to leave, i hung out with kris and andrew. we went to the playground and i got a snowcone and fried dough. yum!! it was fun!

i've had rehersals throughout the summer for a performance of Godspell that i'm in. it's being done at the Palace Theater in Manchester, NH. im in the ensemble. we've had rehersals on satudays and sundays from 10-5 or 10-3 or different times. they're long but we get a lunch break. yay!! everyone has to come and see it. call the box office to get tickets. ask me for more info. i've made a ton of new friends. i luv you guys!!!!

on tuesday i went to Hampton beach with kris. it was a long ride but we occupied ourselves. we listened to music mostly. when we got there, we went in the water. it was fricken cold man!!! i was about to die! lol. we boogie boarded but then the board broke so we had to go on a hunt for 2 new ones. all of the ones we found were U-G-L-Y YOU AINT GOT NO ALIBI. YOU UGLY YA YA YOU UGLY! lol don't ask. but we finally found some that were half decent looking. we also got....fried dough!!! yay for fried dough!!!!! it was awsome! then we layed out and tanned and talked. it was an awsome day!

Shopping at Bob's
on wednesday i went to Bob's to get jeans and stuff. i was going to get UnionBay but they didn't fit right for some reason. usually they do....odd...i ended up getting angel jeans and a pair or bongos. i also got a South Pole sweatshirt, 2 green and pink polos, and some tank tops. i went into the dressing room about 6 times. i had soo much to try on! lol. while i was in there i overheard some ppl talking saying there is a sale at American Eagle. so i was like soo excited! i want to go there soon.i love my new clothes!!

Pool Party
on friday i had a pool party. it was awsome! a lot of ppl came and we swam and and went on the trampoline alot. there was music too. i hung out with about everyone. me, cori, and kimmie played volleyball alot! cori hurt her foot but i have hope that it will get better. ppl used the hot tub too. i had an awsome time. i wish i didn't have to end.

so thats about it. ill try to update more often. im out lovelys!

The Girl@| 4:51 PM

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i haven't written in a while so ive got alot of catching up to do:

Water Country
on wednesday i went to water counrty with kris. my family, my uncle and my 2 lil cousins came, too. it was wicked fun. we were determined to go on all the rides except the kiddie ones and geronimo. that is where you slide on on a practically veritcal slide on your back. we didn't do that one. we went on the new dragen's den ride. it was sooo much fun! it was worth the 30 minute wait!! at the end of the day we sat in chairs by the pool and tanned. it's weird that the day we were there some girls get fondeled in the same pool we had been in earlier....weird...anyway, after water country we went to joey's diner and i splashed some water on zach...ok it was more like the whole glass but w/e. haha! me and kris went into the bathroom and she was having a fight with the "magic sink". lolol it was soooo funny! i had a great time that day.

Emily's Going Away Party
so saturday was emily's going away party at laurens house. we swam and ate alot! lol. kris gave her a picture frame that had pictures of all her friends in it. no she won't forget us! i gave her a card that had inside jokes from everyone on it. we laughed alot knowing we weren't going to see her for a long time. why did she have to move to FLORIDA!? why couldn't she have just moved into the house in hollis?! it really isn't fair. I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH EMILY!!!! LYLAS FOREVER!!!

Mall Trip
me, rachel, and lauren went to the mall of nh on saturday to get sophie's b-day present. i got her a dragan statue, braclet, and lip gloss. i also got a shirt from wet seal, a skort from aeropostle, and sunglasses from claires. oh i also got 2 rings frm silver ribbon. one is a bunch of hearts and one is the drama masks. i love them. it was a good day!

Sophie's Birthday Party
sophie's bday party was on sunday and it was fun. when i got up, it was raning and prayed it wouldn't rain for the rest of the day and it didn't. whew! we swam alot! she got this new raft from hannah g and it's huge! we had a contest to see which pair of ppl could stand up on it the longest. me and kris got to 168 and at first we were in first but then some ppl beat us. she got lots of good presents and had a cake shaped like a afishbowl. it was delicious!! i tried to tan but didn't get very tan. oh well. i had tons of fun anyway!

i think that about does it for everything i need to catch up on.
lots and lots of love,

The Girl@| 2:00 AM

Sunday, July 10, 2005

these are some LJ's i just made. they're my first and i'll take suggestions, comments, help anything. hope you like them. and remember...i'm still learning!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i have other images but I haven't decided what to do with them yet. when i decide and make them, i'll post them.
lots and lots of love,

The Girl@| 5:58 PM

Thursday, July 07, 2005

i went to the pheasent lane mall today with kris, talia, and sophie. the same group i went tubing with! how coincidental! lolol. i brought $100 with me to spend and came home with $10. wow i spent alot! kris got a magazine and food, sophie got a necklace, hair scrunchie, book, and food, and talia got a book and sunglasses. they didn't have as much $$ as I had. we went to alot of stores in 3 hours. i got 3 shirts at Pacsun, 1 shirt at American Eagle, sunglasses, and a beanie hat. i love all of them!! we saw some ppl we knew, too. we saw hannah and rebecca, kelci, and jay and jeff. i guess today was the day to go to the mall! lol. i still have to go to the manchester mall to go to Wet Seal and Demo. i left $100 for it. i need to get another pair of shorts and a pink tank top. it was an awsome day!!!
lots and lots of love,

The Girl@| 7:28 PM

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

4th of July
i went to Lauren's house on the 4th of July. it was fun. we played Dance Dance Revolution which we...I...stunk at. lol. i own it but i haven't played in a while. then we found this old game of hers in her closet that we played. it was for like 5 yr olds to help them learn counting and spelling and stuff like that. after that we took a walk to the village store. it was longer than i thought but i kept up. i got a twix bar and a water and lauren got resse's and a jumbo twix. it was hot out so when we got back we went in the basement where it was cool. we went online for a while and onto this really stupid website. lol. next her friends from Chelmsford arrived. they have 2 kids: an 11 yr old girl named Tyler, and a 5 yr old girl named Lily. we hung out in the pool(even though it was freezing!) and on the swings and drew with chalk. my dad came at 6:00 to pick me up on his motorcycle. when i got home my family and i watched The Pacifier and then the Boston Pops. all in all it was a good day.

yesterday kris invited me, sophie,and talia(she was already at her house) tubing on Joey's boat. i had sooo much fun!!! we went to Lake Potanipo. there were some other boats out on the lake but whatever, it wasn't too crowded. first, we drove out the lake and we were all crammed in the back seat which is only meant for 2 ppl and we had 4. lol!! when we got there and everything was set we headed out on the lake. when we got out there we immdiatly jumped out and started swimming. the lake was kinda cold but not after you get in and used to it. the wind was pushing us away from the boat so we kept having to swim back near it so we didn't get to far away from it. the boats were making waves and tali was trying to jump over them. she looked funny doing it because she had her life jacket on. kris said she loked liked a frog. lolol. then we went tubing. boy, that was an adventure!! kris went first and joey whipped her around really fast at one part that the water hit her hard in the face. she was fine though. i went next and i had alot on bumps in mine so i went high off the water. sophie, who had never done it before, went third. she loved it. last was talia who was laughing the whole time through her turn. we then went back to kris's for 2 hours. her computer wasn't working at first but then we got it working finnally. talia was watching How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days which she had started earlier. we took some pictures too. talia took one of the inside of her mouth! it came out all red looking. lol. it was an awsome day!!!!!
lots and lots of love,

The Girl@| 10:58 AM

Sunday, July 03, 2005

i haven't written in a while because i've been sick. i've had the flu all the past week and this weekend. i woke up in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago and came downstairs to watch movies. i watched Legally Blonde, Clue, and Shrek. yesterday i watched Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Shrek 2, and alot of TV. i'm feeling a little better today and hopefully will be better tomorrow for the 4th of July. i couldn't go with Kris, Talia,and Sam on Kris's boat today because i could get motion sick and throw up. and that wouldn't be good! lol. besides, my back and legs still kinda hurt. well thats all for now. my mom is going to be back soon with some movies from Movie Scene. going to watch one maybe.
lots and lots of love,

The Girl@| 2:43 PM

Thursday, June 30, 2005

my scheduale
1. Concert Choir
2. World Cultures
3. Physical Science
4. Free
5. Welness
6. French II
7. Accelerated English
8. Algebra I
every other day i have 2 free periods because im taking chorus.

leave me a message on my tagboard if you are in any of my classes. thnx a bunch!

lots and lots of love,

The Girl@| 11:09 AM


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